The Men God Sent Us As Providers Have Abandoned Their Duty – Doyin Cries Out
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Reality TV star Doyinsola David, popularly known as Doyin, expressed her frustration with the changing nature of modern relationships, specifically the shift in traditional gender roles.

On Snapchat, Doyin questioned the current expectation of splitting bills in relationships, expressing disbelief that men, who historically were seen as providers, are now advocating for a more egalitarian approach to financial responsibilities.

She questioned how men can claim to be the “man” in the relationship while simultaneously pushing for a 50-50 split on expenses.

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Doyin playfully suggested that if a man expects her to share the financial burden on a date, he might as well ask her to contribute to his fuel expenses or tea fare.

She also pointed out that while she doesn’t mind taking her man out, it becomes a concern when it comes to individuals who are just getting to know her.

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She suggested that if a man expects her to contribute financially early in the relationship, he might find himself asking for fuel money or transportation fare.

In her words;

Who’s gonna help us women inform the lord that the men he sent as providers have abandoned their duty ooo….now they wanna split bills with us.

“You wanna be the man but you still want us to split bills on a date??? Lol

“I have no problem taking my man out but not a nigga that’s trying to talk to me.

“You might as well ask me to fuel your car or send you tfare na….so I can spank your ass when I walk pass and you respond by calling me daddy, since you wanna be a lady.

See below;

The Men God Sent Us As Providers Have Abandoned Their Duty – Doyin Cries Out

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