Shaffy Bello Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want Marriage
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Shaffy Bello, a veteran Nollywood actress, has stated that she does not want to marry because she believes there are enough women to go around.

The actress stated this in the most recent episode of ‘Mercy’s Menu,’ where she stated that she prefers companionship.

The actress, who describes herself as a “one man kind of woman,” has stated that she would like to settle down with a man but not in a marriage setting.

I am a one man kind of woman and I believe there is a lot of women here to fill a home,” she said.That is why when I meet people or go on a date, they are women.

I want to settle with someone at the end of the day, I don’t want to be 55 and then go out or have a birthday party and then come home and be all alone, I don’t want that.I want to be with someone, maybe not marriage, but a companion.

Shaffy Bello began her career in the music industry after she appeared in Seyi Sodimu’s song ‘Love Me Jeje’ in 1997.Her first major role as an actress was in the Yoruba film ‘Eti Keta’.

She has since played a variety of roles in films such as ‘Twisted Twins,’ ‘Chief Daddy,’ and ‘Hire a Man,’ among others.

Shaffy married Akinrimisi in 1995, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2020