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The internet is currently working on a new and weird challenge, the Milk Crate Challenge.

Online you can find a fast growing collection of videos on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and people like people who stack crates, try to climb them like stairs and fall because believe it or not, stacks of milk crates don’t create sound textures

On TikTok, videos with the hashtag #milkcratechhallenge have been viewed more than 10 million times and #cratechallenge has at least 82 million views.

About Milk Crate Challenge

The crate challenge consists of climbing empty milk crates arranged like a staircase. The arrangement is like a pyramid and participant(s) must successfully walk through it.

The challenge is to get from the start from one side to the other.

Many young and old people have participated in the risky challenge and made funny memes of people falling and unable to complete the challenge.

How did the crate challenge start?

It’s unclear exactly how the trend got started, though it appears to have picked up steam over the course of the week.

According to reports, the Milk Crate Challenge started in early August when some people in a park took up the challenge, shared the video on Facebook and the boom moved to TikTok, giving birth to the trend.

The deceptive challenge that seems simple at first has resulted in many broken bones and injuries. But trust Nigerians make it a hilarious challenge, without regard for the risk. Several users have posted hilarious videos of them taking on the challenge. Many try the challenge on uneven lawns, hard ground.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try the Crate Challenge in Nigeria

1. Nigeria practically has a very poor health care system for bone fractures and more that can occur while trying the challenge.

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2. Milk crates are necessary for the challenge and most Nigerian creations are hard, better used for stability. If someone falls on it, serious injury is inevitable.

3. Dental compensation is now on the high side. In this case, if the challenger falls and only breaks three teeth, a visit to the dentist could cost you at least N15,000 to N30,000. If an implant is needed, we look at N150,000 per tooth.#ThinkWell

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