Princess Breaks Silence After Being Evicted From BBNaija All-stars 
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‘BBNaija All Stars’ reality show, Princess, the former housemate, has broken her silence on claims that her reserved nature led to her departure.

The eviction, which took place on Sunday through a unanimous jury vote, prompted Princess to address the public in a live Instagram session.

Princess took to Instagram in a live session shortly after her eviction to directly address the widespread notion that her reserved nature played a role in her departure.

She firmly denied that her quiet personality was a liability, and she expressed her disapproval of those who concluded otherwise.

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During the live session, Princess candidly stated that her age was a significant factor, asserting that she was not inclined to insert herself into conversations that did not concern her.

She emphasized that she believed in engaging in meaningful discussions rather than aimless chatter.

Princess firmly stated.

“I shouldn’t be expected to be jumping into other people’s conversations when they have nothing to do with me,” 

Asserting her authenticity and self-assuredness, Princess made it clear that she felt no obligation to apologize for her quiet demeanor. Addressing those who criticized her for not being more outspoken, she unapologetically reaffirmed, “That’s how I naturally am.”

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thevc_store noted: “I love her personality but she isn’t an entertainer or reality Tv material so expecting her to change who she is just to give you guys a show is a bit unfair on her . You should be blaming big brother who casted her knowing fully well her personality.”

zinnysugar said: “She has a calm and quiet personality. Not everyone is loud and all over the place. Y’all cut her some slack.”

_deagram opined: “She’s an introvert. They hardly talk 849 around people they’re not familiar with. Unfortunately BBN is for extrovert.”

veevogee wrote: “Imagine being given a second chance and you couldn’t do anything. You go explain taya.”