Popular Nigerian Comedian MC Peteru Is Dead, Cause of Death Revealed
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Tobi Owomoyela, popularly known as Peteru, a rising Nigerian comedian, has died. News reported that Peteru, who is also known for his unique delivery in mimicking people, among other talents, died on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

The Ibadan-based celebrity is one of the fastest-rising comedians who has made a name for himself in the South-West of Nigeria, having worked with some of the industry’s biggest names.

Several reports say MC Peteru had been nursing cancer of the lungs for a long time, and some of his colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry have taken to Instagram to express their grief.

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funmiawelewa wrote: “Peteru Unquestionable God”

Lepacious bose wrote: “Another one????I All these deaths leave me weak…. No naaaaa!!!! I am tired! I am drained!!! I am weak!!! Just too many bad news back to back it’s crazy and crumbling! Father Lord can we just have a break from all this pain and sadness this season? I seem to be crying more than am laughing….Am really tired

”princesscomedian wrote: “soooo heartbreaking, he just buried his dad weeks ago may his gentle soul rest in peace”

9iceofficial wrote: “Lord the great king, God the Almighty….. This is so sweet to me lord.. Peter.”