Pere And Mercy Eke Unfollow Each Other On Instagram
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Former BBNaija stars, Pere Egbi and Mercy Eke, who recently confirmed their romantic relationship, have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The move has ignited a firestorm of speculation on Twitter, where netizens are quick to brandish the term “clout chasers.”

Pere EgbI recently sat down for an honest interview in which he revealed what initially drew him to Mercy Eke.

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He cited her unwavering faith and deep love for God as a primary attraction, which seemingly solidified their bond.

Their relationship garnered significant attention and was considered by many fans as a fairy-tale love story, making the recent development all the more surprising.

The pair had made their relationship official in an interview, marking a significant step forward in their journey.

However, their decision to unfollow each other on Instagram has sparked intrigue within their fan base and onlookers alike.

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The exact reasons behind the social media unfollowing remain undisclosed, leaving room for speculation.

Twitter users have not hesitated to jump into the conversation, with many suggesting that this might be a strategic move for clout or public attention.

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Netizens Reactions…

@Redflag: “Cloutchasers oshi”.

@Samuel: Lmao there wan divert attention”.

@BIG SANDRA OF CN: “Lol nurse Pelumi never start that one? He will milk rubbish outta mercy”.

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@Tobi_lobs: This script don too cast…Our attention can never be diverted@ Ik spill wetin dey your mind shapshap”.

@Em’s Bliss: Chomzy and Elo walked so they can fly”.

@Nengi ninjaTwo clout chasers with dry content”.

Pere And Mercy Eke Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

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