OPC Boys Safeguard Mohbad’s Grave Against Any Attempt To Exhume His Body, Catch A Suspect In Viral Video
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Members of the vigilante organization, The Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), have surrounded the graveyard of late singer Mohbad against any form of illegal invasion.

News reported that the team led by the assistant commissioner of police, Saheed Kassim, is expected to, among other things, exhume Mohbad’s body and conduct an autopsy, toxicology and histology tests on it.

In light of this report, OPC members have taken it upon themselves to consider it their duty to protect the burial site while awaiting the arrival of law enforcement authorities to carry out the exhumation.

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Providing fans with an update regarding the latest occurrences at their assigned post near Mohbad’s burial site, the leader of the OPC team in the video asserted that they had been tasked by the police with the responsibility of guarding the late singer’s grave.

The OPC representative emphasized that they have been collaborating and alternating duties with police officers for some days. He also took a moment to address persistent rumors suggesting that the singer’s body had already been exhumed and tagged those rumors as entirely false.

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According to the OPC member, their primary duty is to safeguard the burial site until the police authorities arrive to carry out the body’s exhumation for the purpose of an autopsy.

The leader further mentioned that during their nighttime patrol, they apprehended an individual who appeared to be wandering aimlessly.

In the video, the captured suspect was seen seated on the ground, affirming that he had indeed been found roaming the streets and was not being falsely accused.

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The body of late singer, Mohbad,is yet to be exhumed for an autopsy to be carried out. 

A police source who spoke to Linda Ikeji Blog, on Tuesday, September 19, said the state command is waiting for paperwork to be completed with the state Ministry of Health, which will be part of the investigation process

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