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The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved a national food and nutrition policy. This, the top government says, is to ensure a healthy workforce.

Malam Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant to the president for media and publicity, confirmed this when he briefed state house correspondents about the outcome of the council meeting, which was chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Wednesday.

According to him, after the adoption of the new policy, there will be budgetary provisions for food and nutrition in government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) and possibly at all levels of government.

“The council today approved the food and nutrition policy for the country and following the adoption, which forms the basis of a national multi-sector food and nutrition action plan, there will be a food and nutrition budget line in all MDAs in the future and hopefully in the three levels of government in the country.”

He also revealed that the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice have been authorized to ratify the International Labor Organization (ILO) Nigerian Convention on Safety and Health at Work, which was adopted in 2006.

According to the presidential assistant, the resolution aims to improve safety and health care in workplaces across the country.

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“Another approval is for the Attorney General to proceed with the process of ratifying the promotional framework for the convention on safety and health at work.

“This is about promoting preventive health, preventive safety and healthcare in the workplaces in the country.

“So the government of Nigeria has started to ratify, domesticate and apply this important resolution (decision) of the International Labor Organization passed in 2006.

“Nigeria had of course voted and supported. So we’re going to ratify that now,” he said.

Shehu also announced that the council approved N1.2 billion for emergency repairs to water supply facilities in Nasarawa state.

According to him, the approval follows the need to repair water pipes destroyed by floods in the state.

He said: “Another thing you should also know is the approval of a N1.2 billion contract for the emergency rehabilitation of the Nasarawa water supply plan.

“Floods in the year 2000 had devastated the municipality of Nasarawa, destroyed the water main and as a result, there is no tap water available to the communities. And the whole water intake is destroyed.”

He said the federal government decided to intervene because the Nasarawa state government found it so difficult to restore the facilities due to the degree of destruction caused by the flooding.

“And in order to preserve public health and, of course, the state government’s difficulty in restoring the water supply, the federal government has given this important approval which, upon completion, would be handed over to the Nasarawa state government for maintenance and upkeep. ,” he said.

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Energy Minister Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu, who also addressed correspondents on the outcome of the FEC meeting, announced that the council has approved N470.8 million for the purchase of maintenance equipment for the country’s electricity sector.

He said the equipment to be purchased includes isolators and circuit breakers.

“I have submitted two memos to the council. And I got the approval for both.

“The first memo was to seek approval for the award of a contract to purchase 40 sets of 330KV insulators for the transmission company of Nigeria.

“The insulators are placed on the grid in various locations across the country as soon as a particular section of the grid needs maintenance. This equipment is used to isolate that specific area and allow the flow of energy onto the grid other areas that’s what the insulators critical maintenance equipment are.

“So, because we can’t afford to shut down the system due to a lack of this equipment, we usually store them in the store so they can be immediately deployed to the site when they need it.

“So this equipment is approved for us at a cost of $989,346.15 cents, the naira component is N64,236,625 with 7.5 percent VAT payable at the Central Bank of Nigeria prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment with the delivery period of six months.”

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According to him, the approval also includes the purchase of circuit breaker sets for the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

“The second is also a critical maintenance equipment. This one is for purchasing one set of 132KV Chrome Temporary Circuit Breakers, 16 sets of 33Kv ABB Circuit Breakers and 25 sets of 33KV Composite Units, Lightning Arrestors for the transmission company of Nigeria.

“This is also like the previous one, this is also critical maintenance equipment, which we need to have on the ground in the store as backups, we have faulty ones immediately, we replace them quickly so we can maintain the service everywhere.

“So, the circuit breakers, as you may know, are the same ones you have in your house. Once there is a fault it will trip what we call the circuit breakers and if you want to prevent the energy from going to the house you might as well turn it off at the push of a button. but this one is on a larger scale and dimension.

“The size is large and so is the capacity. So it is used on the net. So as soon as there is a problem with the power grid, the circuit breakers will automatically turn that section off.

“The contract was approved after the necessary procedures for an amount of N362,796,000 including 7.5 percent VAT with a delivery period of six months,” he added.

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