My Greatest Fear About My Marriage To Kolawole Ajeyemi Is.... - Actress Toyin Abraham
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Nollywood filmmaker cum actress, Toyin Abraham has disclosed her biggest concern regarding her marriage to her colleague, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

Toyin Abraham revealed this on the cover of MedianRoomHub’s December 2022 edition, where she also discussed her marriage and most recent movie, Ijakumo (Born Again Stripper).

According to the thespian, her worst fear is a broken home, buttressing that she finds it tough to live without her husband.Toyin Abraham who recently revealed she and her hubby can never mix money or business together, added that the fear of having a broken marriage is the reason she and her husband would always engage in prayer against those with motives to destroy their home. She said:

“My greatest fear is having a broken home, I don’t want to have a broken home, I can never imagine it, I can’t imagine myself and my husband not living together.“That’s the only fear I have, I know my husband cannot leave me and I can’t leave my husband. You know now, that is why we use to pray against anyone that wants to destroy our marriage.”