Why Mr Ibu’s Leg Was Amputated

Why Mr Ibu’s Leg Was Amputated

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The announcement followed the disclosure that Mr. Ibu suffered from a condition that damaged the arteries in his ankle, necessitating seven successful surgeries, one of which involved an amputation.

Mr. Ibu’s manager of more than ten years, Chochoo, reported that the actor is improving with each passing day and responding favorably to treatment.

According to Chochoo: Why Mr Ibu’s Leg Was Amputated, Mr. Ibu’s condition caused damage to one of his ankle arteries, necessitating the amputation.

He stated that the illness was not identified until it had progressed to a dangerous level, necessitating the painful decision to amputate the leg.

Why Mr Ibu’s Leg Was Amputated; He said

The doctors are treating everything one after the other. What led to the amputation of one of his legs was an infection that affected one of the arteries at the ankle.
“Blood wasn’t flowing into the leg, which was not detected on time. When it was, it had become too late, causing the doctors to decide on the amputation,” 

He added that although Mr. Ibu is now getting care in Nigeria following the surgery, arrangements are being made to send him overseas for additional care.

Chochoo added.

The surgery was done in Nigeria. He will soon be flown out of the country for further treatment but for now, he is being cared for in Nigeria,” 

Few weeks ago, Mr Ibu came forward to solicit for funds and prayers from hospital bed 

The actor who spoke from a hospital bed called for financial support and prayers.

He noted that the doctor recently said the last option (if other means of tackling his medical issue prove ineffective) would be to cut off his leg.

The actor who isn’t subscribing to this solution called for prayers, lamenting how his life would be if his leg got cut off.

His wife, Stella, and daughter, Chioma Jasmine also spoke in the video. The latter noted that they would appreciate it if anyone or organization could help fly Mr Ibu abroad for further treatment hence he is not responding to treatment in the Lagos hospital they took him to.

She added that the hospital is about to transfer them to another hospital and she has exhausted all her funds already.

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