Mohbad: “Told You One Day The Fake In You Will Be Televised” – Iyanya Knocks Oxlade
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Popular Nigerian musician, Iyanya, has taken to social media to throw shade at his junior colleague, Oxlade, following allegations of hypocrisy surrounding Oxlade’s response to the recent passing of fellow artist Mohbad.

The controversy erupted when eagle-eyed internet users noticed that Oxlade had restricted Mohbad’s account while publicly mourning his death.

The online drama began when Oxlade shared a heartfelt message mourning the late singer, Mohbad, who tragically passed away.

However, his heartfelt tribute took an unexpected turn as some observant fans spotted that Oxlade had restricted Mohbad’s account on social media, a move that raised questions about his sincerity.

Iyanya, known for hits like “Kukere” and “Your Waist,” did not hesitate to call out Oxlade for what he perceived as hypocrisy.

He took to his own social media platform to mock Oxlade and reminded him of a previous conversation where he had warned that Oxlade’s “fake” behavior would one day be exposed for all to see.

Iyanya wrote;

“When you are fake, you will post a screenshot of how you ‘Restricted’ a good guy on social media. Told you one day the ‘fake’ in you will be televised.”

See post below;

Mohbad: “Told You One Day The Fake In You Will Be Televised” – Iyanya Knocks Oxlade

In other news, Iyanya, a popular Nigerian singer and former winner of the reality TV show Project Fame, has shared his thoughts on why most reality TV show winners fail to succeed in the music industry.

According to the singer, most reality show contestants do not plan to become famous after winning the game.

Iyanya stated that those who finally succeed are typically those who came to the platform with the purpose of being renowned and relevant.

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