Mohbad: 5 Suspects Involved In Singer’s Death – Police
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The Nigerian police have identified and detained 5 suspects for their alleged involvement in the tragic death of the late singer, Mohbad.

The suspects include an auxiliary nurse, Ms. Feyisayo Ogedengbe, as well as individuals known by the names Spending, Naira Marley, Sam Larry, and Primeboy.

The Commissioner of Police, in a press briefing, provided chilling updates on the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the demise of the young and talented singer, Mohbad.

According to the police commissioner, Ms. Feyisayo Ogedengbe has been identified as the prime suspect in this heart-wrenching case.

Ms. Ogedengbe is alleged to have administered a cocktail of highly potent injections to the singer at his residence on September 12.

These injections included Tetanus Toxoid, paracetamol, and Cetrazone.

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Following the administration of these injections, Mohbad experienced an immediate and severe reaction, including vomiting, goosebumps, and convulsions.

“She is supposed to administer the injections as an unqualified nurse and she also did it in a non-clinical environment,” he said.

The police commissioner revealed that Ms. Ogedengbe was unqualified to perform nursing duties and that she administered these injections in an unsuitable, non-clinical environment.

Her actions were deemed grossly negligent, ultimately leading to the tragic outcome.

The investigation is now focused on determining the full extent of her involvement and holding her accountable for her actions.

In addition to Ms. Ogedengbe, Spending is also under investigation for allegedly inviting an unqualified nurse to administer the potent medication, which subsequently triggered the reactions leading to Mohbad’s untimely death.

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“Splendid was complicit in inviting the unqualified nurse to administer a potent medication that triggered reactions leading to Mohbad’s death,” the police commissioner added.

Another suspect, Ibrahim Oluwatosin Owodunni, known as Primeboy and described as a childhood friend of Mohbad, was in attendance with the singer at an event on September 10.

A physical altercation between the two friends resulted in Mohbad’s injury, ultimately contributing to his tragic passing.

Furthermore, Sam Larry, whose real name is Samson Balogun, has been arrested for alleged complicity in the singer’s death, as well as in relation to viral videos involving bullying and assault.

Similarly, popular singer Abdul-Aziz Fashola, widely known as Naira Marley, has also been detained over similar allegations.

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