Mike bamiloye to beat queens: are you hired...
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Mount Zion Ministry founder Mike Bamiloye has knocked down “death queens” who love seductive attire in the church building and suggestively dancing to worship songs.

Via Instagram, the 61-year-old pastor asked the ladies who say they are “slay queens” and dress to kill as if they were hitmen.

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He wrote: “You dressed seductively to church: you ‘dressed to kill’. You dance suggestively to praise and worship songs: you ‘dance to kill’. You label yourself “Slay Queen” in the House of God. Are you hired assassins?”

Earlier in February, Bamiloye condemned the ideology of feminism, arguing that the ideology is not supported by God.

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In a Twitter thread, he criticized female pastors who identify as feminists. According to him, the struggle for equality has weakened and eroded the sanctity of marriage.
The preacher also warned single and married ladies not to join the feminist movement as it causes ladies to miss the will of God for their lives.

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