Man Cries Out: Help, My Fiancee Can't Have $£x
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A Nigerian man has cried out for help on how to find a solution to a problem concerning his fiancee. 

According to him, she is not able to have $£x. The man said he was planning to marry her. 

Read below: 

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I sincerely need urgent help/assistance for my Fiancee.

Met her in 2012, started dating in 2014, had our first $£x in 2019, but since that 2019, anytime I make moves to have $£x with Her, it’s always through the fight, to cut the story short, she finds $£x extremely painful that even anything that passes cuddling, she’ll start crying, this might sound funny, but seriously it is not.

I talked to Her about it, and booked an appointment with a gynecologist, my babe didn’t show up, I tried to get her s#xual supplements, and she said they have side effects, and she disposed of them.

Now, the problem is, that we’re planning our introduction, and we’re yet to get any solution to the problem at hand. Please, who has any idea of what we can do about it.