Land in lagos - 10 places to buy cheap land in lagos
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Land in Lagos – 10 Places to Buy Cheap Land in Lagos

Lagos has become the economic capital of Africa, the smallest economic center and the most populous state in Nigeria. Lagos is actually the envy of all 36 states in the federation. If you are looking for cheap land in ikorodu, Lekki, Ikoyi, VGC, Apapa, or even Orile, Coker, Festac, Ojo, and Ikotun then you have come to the right place. You don’t realize how important it is to buy a plot of land in Lagos until it’s too late.

For 10 years, land in Lekki has been sold for less than 300,000. But now land in Lekki cannot be sold for nothing less than 25 million Naira, which is more than 15 times the original price. And that price should skyrocket in 3 years. Savvy investors who bought land in Lekki back then are now enjoying huge dividends generated by their investments.

Investing in property in Lagos has the potential to return up to 5x your original investment, with a return of over 500% in a short period of time. You simply buy the land and leave it inactive for at least 6 months for the price to rise and then sell it at a profit of up to 40%.

Lagos has the fastest growing economy in Nigeria with over 15 million inhabitants which seem to be increasing every day. This makes Lagos a center of trade, rapid growth, development, and investment. The land is by far one of the most desirable assets to own in Lagos. Obtaining an authentic deed of land or land in Lagos has many advantages; you can easily become financially stable in a short period of time with this investment strategy.

Now that your eyes are open, I am going to unravel the cheapest places to get land in Lagos. Property Flipping has created millions of Naira for many people in Lagos. History has changed since the last millennium; prices have gone up, skyrocketing to be exact.

Cheapest Places to Buy Land in Lagos

Ikorodu – land In Ikorodu

This is one of the few cheap places to get land in Lagos. This is because the land is sold cheaper in developing areas than in urban areas. The land in Ikorodu turned out to be the cheapest in Lagos. You can still get land in some parts of Ikorodu between 600,000 and 1,000,000 in areas like Ijede, Igbogbo, Ogijo, Imota, Imowonla, Igberigbe, Igbolomu, and Isawo at a very good price.

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Badagry also has a history of cheap land in Lagos. Be careful before buying land in Badagry. Land in Badagry is sold for 1 – 2 million Naira. Land in Badagry is thus purchased by the government for agriculture, tourism, or other purposes. Be very careful when buying land here


Amukoko is another place to get some of the cheapest land prices in Lagos. Located in Ajeromi-Ifelodun LGA, there are still many lands for sale, all at a relatively cheap price. You can get land for a good price, usually between 750,000 and 1,300,000 in Alaba, Ojo Road, Imam, Oja, Turner, and Tejumola.


Agbado has a number of road construction and housing projects underway at that location, and the government is also planning large-scale infrastructure development there. You can get it at a lower price in places like Oremerin, Ijaiye, Oluwo, Ishaga, Adiyan Ibaragun, Akera and Abule Ekun Olambe


Ijegun is another place where you can easily acquire land at a cheap price in Lagos. Places such as White Sand, Fagbile, Animosho, and Isheri Osun are saturated with swamps and canals, making land in Ijegun very cheap, costing 600,000 per plot. The only downside is that you will spend a lot of money to fill these swamps to establish your base.

Land in lagos - 10 places to buy cheap land in lagos


When it comes to cheap land in Lagos, Eti-Osa is also my go-to place. Eti-Osa is one of my favorites. Eti-Osa is laden with fertile, erosion-free land that is sure to support a 4 or 5 story building for years to come. This is one of the few places in Lagos Nigeria where you can get land for less than N1.5 million. Areas such as Cooperative Villa, Sangotedo Town, Badore, Unity, and some parts of Obalende are good places to get land at a discounted price.


This has to be one of the easiest places to get a piece of land in Lagos I’ve ever come across. The seller is reasonable and extremely condescending. Akute offers a wide variety of land for sale at a good price in a rapidly developing neighborhood. Areas such as Ojudu Berger, Ojokoro, Ijoko, and Ibafo offer good soil for a good price.


If you are looking for a plot of land in Agbowa, you better hurry as almost all the land in this place is being sold. Agbowa is another fast-growing suburban community in Lagos where you can get good and cheap land Lagos. Areas such as Aba-Onigbagbo, Aba-Oriyanrin, AbijoAbomiti, Abosioto, Abule and Ijesha are still free.

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Badagry also has a history of cheap land in Lagos. Be careful before buying land in Badagry. Land in Badagry is sold for 1 – 2 million Naira. Land in Badagry is thus purchased by the government for agriculture, tourism, or other purposes. Be very careful when buying land here.


Surprisingly, there are still places in Apapa where you can buy land for 3 million nairas, areas like Coconut, Ajegunle, Kirikiri, Wema, and Tincan still have good land for sale.

Ojo Alaba

Finally, Ojo Alaba. This is also one of the best places to buy cheap land in Lagos. The rent the owner charges here for substandard amenities is unbelievable. Land in Ojo Alaba is sold in bulk and it is wise to buy one now. Neighborhoods such as Ajangbadi Ikemba, Alaba, Ira, and Ojo are known for their cheap land.

Cheap land in Ibeju Lekki and opportunities

Ibeju Lekki is another real estate hot spot in Lagos. Compared to other notable places like Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and Eko Atlantic, Ibeju Lekki has all the potential to become an investment paradise. The presence of Dangote Refinery, Lekki Free Zone, Lekki Epe International Airport, Dangote Private Pier, Lekki Sea Port, and Pan African University will turn any land or land ownership here into a gold mine.

Unfortunately, there are only a few good places in Surulere, Igando, Ikotun, Oshodi, and Ibeju Lekki that can be sold for a good price. These locations are now ‘Not an area for cheap land in Lagos’.

How to Sell Land Online In Nigeria

It is super easy to sell land in Nigeria. Sites like Jumia Deals, Jiji, Propertypro, Vconnect, Facebook, and other social media allow you to sell your land in Nigeria for any price. If you want to sell your country in Nigeria,

  • Take good pictures of the land.
  • Write a good description of the land.
  • Prepare the earth papers.
  • Post the photos of the land and its characteristics online
  • Talk / bargain about price with your customers.

Precautions When Buying Land in Lagos

There is a high level of fraudulent practice when it comes to buying land in Lagos. It is advisable to seek legal assistance when purchasing land in Lagos. A lawyer will help you track and research the title of the property you wish to purchase and determine the documents needed for the transaction to be valid and successful based on the circumstances of the property to be purchased.

How to Avoid Omo-Onile Wahala If You Want To Buy Land in Lagos

The Omo-Onile, also known as grileiros, are the “Indigenous Natives of Lagos” or children of the land, who take advantage of individuals buying land in Lagos. They take advantage through violence, fraudulent behavior, breach of contract, and other means to deprive people of their land and/or property.

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These actions discourage people from investing their money in land and real estate in Lagos for fear of losing their money in the end. These are the best ways to buy land in Lagos without getting ripped off and without the hassle of Omo-Onile.

Step 1

Ask an experienced lawyer or real estate assistant to verify land ownership before payment or go to the Lagos State Land Ministry in Alausa. This body is responsible for the registration of property rights on all land in Lagos State. This process makes it easy to verify ownership.

Step 2

Pay the land in full. Avoid half payment as it is the easiest way to fall into Omo-Onile

Step 3

Register the land and protect your assets. You must also register the land with the Lagos State Land Ministry, Alausa to obtain all necessary documentation and certificates and immediately foreclose on the property to prevent infringement and infringement.

Step 4

Pay taxes and fees. It’s so easy.

Note: Do not buy land from a selected farming location, regardless of price. Buying land for agricultural purposes is the fastest way to get your house demolished by the government when you want to use it. Be wise.

Did you know that Lagos has more millionaires than any other state; you can easily become a millionaire simply by investing in real estate. Lagos is the most famous state in Nigeria, covering an area of ​​3,577 square kilometers. There are plenty of lands to go around, take yours while it’s still there.

If you want to sell your car, you will probably buy less than you bought because it is an old model. This rule does not apply to land property. The price can go up in a few days. If you have ever thought of venturing into this industry, these are the cheapest places to get land in Lagos.


Don’t be alarmed; even if it’s a swamp or canal, Lagos was once a large lagoon with a few points of land. Now it is one of the best places in Africa.

Lagos is actually the envy of all 36 states in the federation. These factors are driving up land prices meaning that there are only a handful of places in Lagos where you can get land for less than ₦800,000. But you will undoubtedly get good value land in Lagos in one of these places: