I’m Deeply Sorry For The Dragging – Yomi Fabiyi’s Baby mama (Grace) Throws In The Towel
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Controversial actor, Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mama, Grace Jimoh, has thrown in the towel, and proposed to have a cordial relationship with the father of her son.

Recall that just a while ago, the mum of one again accused her ex-lover of a whole lot. She also claimed to be depressed and asked the actor to come to her aid financially.

In response to her plea for financial aid, Yomi Fabiyi debunked her allegations against him, and accused Grace Jimoh of playing the gender card to gain public sympathy and financial aid at the expense of his career and mental health.

Yomi added that despite not be married to her, he gave Grace all the respect, dignity and care any woman carrying one’s child should get, yet she chose to criminally defame him that he beat her to a stupor that led to forced labour.However, in a new twist, Grace took to her Instagram page to apologize, asking them to both move on. She wrote;

I am deeply sorry to everyone and I am sorry Yomi. I am sorry for the dragging and all. Please stop insulting and painting me evil. We both know we were at fault. Let’s just move on in peace. I am deeply sorry.”

Meanwhile Yomi Fabiyi is yet to officially respond to her pleas for forgiveness.