How to get mtn 20gb for 3500?
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How to Get MTN 20GB For 3500?

Leading telecom operator MTN Nigeria is coming up with attractive mobile data packages that offer huge amounts of data. One is the offer of MTN 20GB for 3,500 naira. MTN has increased the data volume to 24 GB. This is not a standard data package, but a double data promotion in the 4ME Mega Deal Zone of MTN data deals.

The way the offer works is that MTN doubles the data you get on your standard 10 GB data plan for 3,500 naira, giving you a data bonus of 10 GB of MTN data, bringing your total to 20 GB of data. The validity of the total amount of data is 30 days. This ensures an excellent price-quality ratio.

How to subscribe to MTN 20GB for 3500?

There are two ways to activate the MTN 20GB data plan offer for 3500 naira: one with the MyMTN app and the other by choosing a USSD code. Below are the steps to activate it.

How to get MTN 20GB for 3500 naira dual data plan through MyMTN app

  1. Download the MyMTN mobile app from the Play Store.
  2. Log in to the mobile app.
  3. Make sure you have ₦ 3,500 on your MTN line.
  4. On the app’s home page, tap the “Mega Deals Zone” box.
  5. You are on a page that says “Break the Egg”.
  6. Tap the egg labeled “Package” to display a DOUBLE DATA offer
  7. If you receive an offer to buy 10 GB for ₦3500, tap the “Accept” button. If not, tap Break another Egg.
  8. Once you see the 10GB DOUBLE DATA offer, tap the “OK” button.
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Your line will be credited with 20 GB of data and a notification text will be sent.

PS: Keep in mind that there are times when this data plan offer is not available at all and instead you get for example a 9GB offer for a ₦2,000 megazone or 4GB for a ₦1200 deal instead.

How to get mtn 20gb for 3500?

How to get MTN 20GB for 3500 naira via USSD code

  1. Make sure you have ₦ 3,500 on your MTN line,
  2. Dial *121# on your line.
  3. In the next menu, select the option called “4ME Data Offers”.
  4. In the next menu, select the option that says “Get 20GB for N3500”.

Once subscribed, your line will be credited with 20 GB of data and you will receive a text message from the internet and telecommunications operator confirming your plan’s activation. As well as the amount of data. As soon as you have received the notification, you can immediately start working with your data.

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Don’t forget: your 20GB MTN data is valid for 30 days (one month). MTN has several data plans available and this is just one of them.

You can explore other data plans available on MTN, including the 20 GB for N5,000 and 4 GB for N1,000 plans.

Conclusion – MTN 20GB For 3500

This MTN data package can be used on your smartphone, feature phone, USB modem, or MiFi. The data of this MTN 20GB plan for 3,500 naira works with 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage on the MTN telecommunications network.