How I Once Supported A Married Woman To Cheat On Her Husband – OAP Nedu
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Media personality cum comedian Nedu has confessed that he once supported a married woman to cheat on her husband.He made the revelation during an episode of the ‘Honest Bunch Podcast’, where he and other co-hosts ‘focus on discussing real millennial and Gen Z issues with no holds barred’.

Speaking, Nedu explained how a certain woman who newly got married shared her reason for choosing to be unfaithful to her husband.

According to him, the woman’s hubby had advocated for ‘no s3x before marriage’ while they were dating and when they eventually wedded, she realised he couldn’t have an erection.

Nedu noted he couldn’t but support the woman while advising those whose fiancé would propose a ‘no s3x before marriage’ agenda to ensure they carry out proper investigation to know the real reason behind it, before they agree. He began:

Oga is telling you ‘No sex before marriage’. Find out if he likes it from the other side”,“On my radio show, one woman don talk say, ‘I dey cheat on her husband’, not once not twice”

“Why? Oga Nedu, if na you, you go comot? I say why? She say him prick no dey gree rise. The one wey talk this thing, the sad part wey…..

“My brother, I support her. I’m sorry, men, don’t be angry but I supported the woman. This guy just married her and they were saying no sex before marriage. Na so the girl enter o.”