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The proportion of people suffering from the problem of heartburn is increasing day by day. This article informs you about the causes, symptoms, misconceptions and remedies of heartburn.

Many people complain about feeling a burning sensation in their chests. This disorder is at times very painful and intolerable. The intensity of this problem varies from person to person. Thus, many people feel only a mild uneasiness whereas others feel extreme pain.

Causes of heartburn

Basically, there are two reasons for heartburn – acid reflux and overeating.

Symptoms of heartburn

At times, people get confused between the symptoms of heartburn and heart pain. The common symptoms of heartburn are: feeling of acidic taste in the mouth, nighttime cough and burning sensation at the time of swallowing food.

Misconceptions about heartburn

A lot of people think that drinking milk is a good remedy for heartburn. But the fact is that milk gives a feeling of soothing effect while passing through the throat but it increases the acid production by the time it reaches the stomach. Also, milk contains calcium, proteins and fat, which can increase heartburn to a great extent.

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It is also a misconception that intake of spicy food results in heartburn.

Remedies for heartburn

Though innumerous medical treatments are available for this problem, it is advisable to opt for home remedies rather than medication. Home treatments are considered as a better option as they generally have no side effects. Some of the vital home remedies for heartburn are mentioned hereunder:

  • -Drink orange juice and lemon juice.
  • -If you are a frequent heartburn patient, avoid chocolates. They contain fat and caffeine, which aggravate heartburn.
  • -Let the hot drink cool down a little bit before you take a sip. Take only lukewarm drinks.
  • -Avoid aerated drinks.
  • -Eat small but frequent meals.
  • -Ginger is considered as an extremely helpful herb for curing heartburn. It absorbs excess acid and helps the nerves to calm down. While cooking food, add some pieces of ginger in it.
  • -Use of aromatic herbs like fennel and catnip helps lower down the problem of heartburn. A person suffering from heartburn must eat fennel seeds after each meal. They help in balancing acids in the stomach.
  • -Avoid mental stress as it is considered as a significant factor causing heartburn.
  • -Make a daily routine of physical exercise. Go for long brisk walks. It helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises are also helpful.
  • -Reduce your weight in case you are obese.
  • -Never lie flat. Put a pillow under your head so that your head is raised a little bit above your body.
  • -Fennel tea is also a proven remedy for heartburn. To prepare it, boil approximately 3 grams (1/2 teaspoon) of fennel seeds in 250ml of water for about 5 minutes (keep the pot covered). Let it cool a little bit before you drink it. Take it at least two times a day.
  • -Chamomile tea prepared at home is the safest herbal heartburn treatment. As it is caffeine-free and rich in calcium, it completely soothes gastrointestinal disorders and heartburn. To prepare this tea, dampen the dried or fresh herbs in the boiling water for three minutes. Stir the mixture well and serve immediately in teacups. You can add sugar to increase the taste.
  • -Intake of cumin in drinking water with meals avoids the formation of gas in the stomach. Cumin quickens the digestion process and nutrient assimilation in the stomach. Thus, it has extraordinary health benefits.
  • -Intake of anti-burn fruits is a good home remedy for heartburn. Such fruits include bananas, papayas, and rhubarb. They have an extraordinary impressive effect on heartburn. They help a lot in calming the stomach and neutralizing the acid effect that leads to heartburn.
  • -A lot of traditionally recognized home remedies like gentian root and vinegar also help in curing heartburn.
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It is a proven fact that the above-mentioned home remedies are very successful and effective cures for heartburn and are better alternatives as compared to medication.

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It should be noted that any healthy diet must contain fiber so as to clean the digestive system.

Though the above-mentioned home remedies for heartburn are very effective for most heartburn patients, yet it is suggested that one should try a few remedies and then select the best-suited remedy for oneself.

Note: Avoid resorting to any of the above remedies in case you are allergic to them. Consult your doctor in such a case