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Eloswag emerges BBNaija S7 first Head of House

Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, EloSwag, has emerged as the first Head of House for the season.

This was announced after Big Brother Naija Level Up’s housemates had their first Head of House matches on Monday night.

The Level 1 and Level 2 housemates got together to play the HoH games in the arena and Eloswag became the top performing housemate.

After his performance, Big Brother announced him as the first Head of House for the season.

Level 1 meets Level 2 roommates

The Level 1 housemates met the Level 2 housemates for the first time Monday night during the HoH games.

Before the games, Big Brother explained how the housemates in the game were in separate houses.

Before the launch, two housemates were paired up and each had their name written on two cards, a black and white card and a multicolored card.

Housemates with their names on the multicolored card belong to the Level 2 house, the first set of housemates to come into the show on Saturday.

The one whose name appeared on the black and white card is from the Level 1 House, which came into the show on Sunday.

Head of House Games

The HoH games were in two phases. All housemates took part in the first leg while the best five participated in the second leg.

Biggie noted that the winner of the games will appear as HoH and automatically save his/her fellow level (1 or 2) housemates from potential eviction.

Cyph, Eloswag, Bryann, Dotun and Khalid made it to the second leg.

After the round, Eloswag won the stage, becoming the first HoH of the season.

Privileges for head of house

As the Head of House, Eloswag enjoys bragging rights as the very first Head of House for the season.

He also enjoys immunity from possible eviction at the end of the week.

With his rise, Eloswag saved the level 1 housemates from potential eviction.


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