Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch: What's the Best Soap?
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Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch: What’s the Best Soap?

If you’re used to using soap or liquid soap, it’s always a good idea to use something high-quality with a good scent. Today we are going to focus more on soap; more specifically we look at the two best brands of Soap Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch.

Even if you are more used to using liquid soap, stick around as it may be worth your time and attention.

Both Duke Cannon and Dr Squatch specialize in men’s soaps, but they also have other products that can be a great addition to your personal hygiene stash. What follows is an extensive discussion of both and a detailed comparison of both sides by side.

Let’s start by explaining why this makes more sense than the usual brands of soap from the local store.

Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch vs Bar Soaps

·         Dr. Squatch Natural Soaps

Selection is limited. That is a lot. If you’ve been to your local personal care store, you may have received the memo that there aren’t many options to choose from.

That’s where Duke Cannon and Dr Squatch are around the corner. Both offer a huge range of different soaps, whether for the face, whole body, hands, and things like fragrances and quality.

But that is not everything. In fact, soaps from brands like Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch have been repeatedly praised for being much higher quality, and the soaps aim to be the best soaps on the market.

On the contrary, most soaps from local stores looks half-cooked compared to these two. Not to mention the prices, which are very affordable and relatively close to what you’ll find in the stores.

Duke Cannon vs Dr. Squatch: What's the Best Soap?

Detailed comparison  – What’s up for you, Duke Cannon or Dr. squatch?

For those who want to take it to the extreme and see first-hand what some of the differences between the two are, and possibly which one is the best fit for them, we’ve put together an in-depth comparison of Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch, side by side:

Detailed comparison                         –           Duke Cannon                  vs                Dr. Squatch Soaps

Scents and Varieties              –          16 different soaps              –                 15 different soaps

Aroma                                     –                Mild                                          –                 Strong and Unique

Personalized Experience       –              Medium                           –                             Heavy

Size                                          –           10 oz. average                  –                    5 oz. Average

Price                                            –           $9.50 for 1 soap bar          –                   $11 for 1 soap bar

Which smells better?

Users have reported that some Dr. Squatch scents have better scents; Dr. Squatch is very impressive with its smell and aroma.

Cannon Ingredients

Ingredients (bestselling soap bars used) Sodium Tallow, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Kerateate, Water, Glycerin, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Iron Oxides, and more.

Dr. Squatch Soaps Ingredients

Oats, sand, activated charcoal, olive oil, sustainable palm, and coconut oil, pine, kaolin clay, orange essential oil, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The ingredients in the comparison contain only a few of the best-selling soaps from both brands. Each of them can use different ingredients in different soaps and for different scents.

It seems that Dr. Squatch takes a different approach to the makeup of its soaps, as ingredients found in Duke Cannon soaps, such as sodium kerate, glycerin, and others, are more commonly found in soap.

This may be why so many prefer Duke Cannon over Dr. squat. Although the efforts of Dr. Squatch to create something with such clean ingredients are to be commended.

Which is better for everyday use? – Duke Cannon VS Dr. squatch

Well, these are soaps, so it’s a little hard to determine which one is best for everyday use because there aren’t many variables that help us determine something like that.

However, in terms of usability, it seems that most users choose Duke Cannon over Dr. Squatch, and one of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that Duke Cannon is almost twice the size of the latter.

To mitigate this, Dr. Squatch uses a much more in-depth questionnaire that users can complete to further customize their experience and tailor their subscription to the amount, the amount you may need, whether it’s monthly or every three months.

Not to mention, Duke Cannon also personalizes the customer experience using a questionnaire that takes up to two minutes, although there aren’t many customizations when it comes to the frequency of your subscription. Ultimately, this is where Duke Cannon falls short.

Duke Cannon Review

Duke Cannon seems to have an impudent demeanor. Look no further on the about page to find out what Duke Cannon is.

As Duke Cannon further explains, “We value things like hard work, family, community, bacon, and country…it’s no wonder good people feel right at home in Duke Cannon Country.” Frankly, Duke Cannon seems to uphold values ​​that attract many men.

They are very focused on making personal care products that are above all practical. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sledgehammer, champion, builder, door owner, or door repairman, Duke Cannon has everything you need to get through the day.

Everything is practical and nothing is undercooked. So if you need something practical and ‘rugged’, Duke Cannon is just that.


In terms of quality, it is on par with some of the best soaps, and there are many who prefer Duke Cannon over Dr. Squatch. And again, the size of the soaps matters, as a Duke Cannon soap can last a long time.