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BBNaija All Stars, contestant Venita dropped a bombshell during a heated confrontation with fellow housemate Doyin, leaving both the housemates and viewers utterly astonished.

The confrontation escalated when Doyin openly criticized Venita for not revealing the identity of the person behind the recent incident involving Ilebaye’s belongings being scattered.

In a fiery retort, Venita not only addressed Doyin’s accusations but also made an astonishing revelation – she accused Doyin of harboring romantic feelings for Cross.

This revelation took everyone by surprise, especially considering that Cross had already captured the attention of Ilebaye, who was reportedly nursing romantic sentiments towards him.

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Venita’s allegation implied that Doyin was well aware of Ilebaye’s emotions for Cross, yet had still pursued her own romantic interests in him.

The confrontation reached its peak as Venita branded Doyin as “two-faced” and questioned the sincerity of her friendship with Ilebaye.

The emotional exchange not only injected immediate tension into the house but also ignited a wildfire of discussions, opinions, and reactions on social media platform

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Netizens Reactions…

teeto__olayeni: “Sometimes you need friends like Doyin in your corner sha, people that’ll stand up for you when you’re too tired to do it for herself. Love how she’s clearing all of them.”

loveth_m3: “Venita might not be completely innocent but she doesn’t deserve those insults, face the real culprits doyin. Its good to stand up for your friend but do it right; doyin isnt the perfect friend too, she has spoken low of ilebaye severally. So holding venita alone accountable is ridiculous.”

oguikelinda: “She’s free to toast him. Cross go reach everybody. At least she’s better than you that throws yourself forcefully at a young boy. Nanny.”

yangkvngg: “Yes I agree with venita. This doyin is a snake. And y’all are too gullible to admit it. Venita I Stan you and Ike.”

sharonofficial126: “What’s wrong is wrong just because she has her own fault doesn’t mean she should keep quiet when someone is being maltreated so Venita talk another thing this one no gel.”