Do you know that eating rabbits is good for your health?
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Do you know that eating rabbits is good for your health?

The thought of eating rabbits is a no-no for some people, but veterinary expert Huzaifa Abdullahi says rabbit has high nutritional values.

Huzaifa Abdullahi is a veterinarian at Bauchi State Area Veterinary Clinic.

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He said that while rabbit meat had a higher nutritional value, the meat contained unsaturated fat.

“Most people are not aware of the nutritional value of rabbits,” Abdullahi said. “The rodent has little waste to pass out, while also preventing humans from getting uric acid.”

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Uric acid causes gout and it is a life-threatening disease in humans. Specialists have explained that gout was a painful form of arthritis, usually caused by crystals forming in and around human joints.

Unlike cows and other ruminants, rabbit belongs to the class of animals with white muscle or white meat, which is good for consumption, researchers claim.

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“Some zoonotic diseases can also be avoided if we follow the expert’s recommendations,” said Mr. Abdullahi. “Those between the ages of 40 and older are most commonly diagnosed with uric acid, and red meat contributes to these conditions in humans.”

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