Do close family ties strengthen society?
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Experts say that the relationship between a parent and the child is not only unique, but lays the foundation for their behavior, personality, traits and values.

They said that close bonds were important for families, to have a positive and healthy parent-child relationship for the development of the child.

The family is the foundation of the nation, and a healthy relationship and emotional stability of the children is key to the development of society.

A vox pop performed by the NAN in Abuja revealed that some of the challenges Nigeria faces today affect family ties and are the main cause of the increase in societal threat we witness today.

They said that children who are not close to their parents find it difficult to communicate and express their feelings.

Miss Nwoyi Okpotum, a student, said she found it easy to talk to her mother about everything, adding that her mother knew everything about her.

“I am close to my parents, although my father is late, but I am used to tell my mother everything about my activities, even if a man approaches me, I always tell her about it.

“This has helped me stay focused and behave my best, even when I make mistakes, she rebukes me with love,” she said.

Mr. Abubakar Musa, also a student, said he has no close ties with his mother, that he was always afraid to talk to her.

“I find it difficult to talk to my mother because I am always afraid of her. I had a good relationship with my father before he died,” he said.

Miss Ukah Grace, another college student, said she doesn’t have a close relationship with her parents because they don’t have it easy and don’t allow them to get along with others.

“I don’t have any relationship with my parents, in fact they don’t allow us to associate with our neighbors because they think we will be influenced by them.

“It makes my life difficult and I don’t have anyone to talk to and it affects my relationship with people,” she said.

Mrs. Ruth Samuel, a college student, said she was close to her mother, but had no relationship with her father.

“I always tell my mother everything about myself, but I have no connection with my father.

“This is because he is not fulfilling his responsibility to take care of us and this makes me not like him,” she said.

“For me being close to my parents is a no, no, I prefer to confide in my friends because they consider everything I say as a joke,” Abimbola Ayomide, a student at NAN, told me.

Ayomide said her mother was not a good listener and her father had anger issues.

She advised parents to listen to their children and take the time to get to know their personalities.

Blessing Okoro, a college student, said she was close to her mother but not to her father, adding that her father was a loner and a discipline she feared.

She added that the lack of closeness between parents and their children and wards affects them and makes them withdraw.

However, she advised parents to make time for their children.

Mr Lukman Isiaq, a resident of Lugbe in the FCT, said he was not close to his parents while growing up which he said affected his relationship with them as he was always afraid to talk to them.

“Growing up, I was sexually abused by my neighbor, but I couldn’t tell my parents because I was scared and they were always busy,” he said.

He advised parents to be mild and not too harsh so that their children would have confidence in them. They also need to make time for it.

Mr. Godwin Joseph advised parents to try to create a close bond between them and their children, adding that many children were misinfluenced because they do not see their parents as their friends.

“Some even find it difficult to sit next to their parents because of the fear built up in them,” he said.

Miss Martha Johnson, a college student, said she was not close to her mother because she liked to yell at her.

“My mother forced me to go to the College of Education against my own wishes.

“During the line, I met a man I use to confide in and I got pregnant from him.

“Even when I started menstruating, neighbors taught me how to use bits of rags as pads because my mom never gave me pads,” she said.

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