Divorce Me In Peace – Sina Rambo’s Estranged Wife, Heidi Pleads; Alleges Threat To Life
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Heidi Korth, the estranged wife of singer, Sina Rambo, has pleaded with him to grant her a divorce while alleging to a threat to her life.

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram page on Sunday, the Nigerian-german born socialite said if anything should happen to her, the son of the Osun state governor, Ademola Adeleke should be held responsible.

This is coming after she resumed her accusations against her estranged husband who is also a popular singer, Davido’s cousin.

Heidi Korth asked the singer to divorce her in peace, as they are not compatible and she is tired of forgiving him for the same mistake. She further urged Nigerians to help her beg Sina to grant her a divorce as she is done with their marriage.

She also shared a chat where Sina Rambo begged her to be reasonable with him for the sake of the marriage vow they took and not pack her things out of the house, a request she declined. Heidi Korth wrote:

“If anything happens hold sina Rambo responsible o threat to life, sina please divorce me in peace and let’s coparent we are NOT compatible and it’s clear. Sina please free me from your shackles.

I want to be free and loved and validated the way I am supposed to be. Sina leave me and my baby alone. We need nothing from you. Let this be known.

Sina and family grant me my divorce and leave me alone!!!! Silent but dangerous please leave me alone!!! Go marry suits and leave me alone!!!! I beg tell him to give me divorce I am done!!!!! Sina go and find your missing rib because it’s not me! Free me!
Women are expected to keep forgiving and forgiving but I am not that person please leave me ALONE!

I rented my house, zero kobo from you. got my car, staying in peace what else do you want? My head on a pedestal in your house? What exactly????

Marriage is not by force.
When love is gone it’s gone! Free me!.”

See the screenshot of the chart she shared below:

Divorce Me In Peace – Sina Rambo’s Estranged Wife, Heidi Pleads; Alleges Threat To Life