Christy O And Tolanibaj Fight Dirty On Social Media
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Former BBNaija Housemates, Christy O and TolaniBaj have ignited a fiery online feud that has left fans of both reality stars in shock.

The heated exchange erupted on the social media platform X, exposing a long-standing feud between the two former BBNaija housemates.

The feud dates back to TolaniBaj’s time in the BBN house when Christy O took issue with her for allegedly slut-shaming another housemate, Ilebaye.

This initial clash raised eyebrows, but the recent accusations have taken the feud to a new level.

It all began when Kess’s wife, the spouse of another former BBN star, accused her husband of cheating on her with fellow reality star Christy O, providing evidence to support her claim.

Seizing the opportunity, TolaniBaj promptly called out Christy O, quoting the tweet that accused her of being involved with Kess and suggesting that karma had swiftly come knocking.

TolaniBaj said;

 “You will continue to get exposed and self-destruct for this narrative you cooked about me.

You see how quick karma came? This is just the beginning💋.” 

However, Christy O, yet to address the cheating allegations made against her by Kess’s wife, swiftly fired back at TolaniBaj with a blunt.

Christy O replied;

“Stfu … B_tch,” 

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Christy O And Tolanibaj Fight Dirty On Social Media
Christy O And Tolanibaj Fight Dirty On Social Media

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