“Children Should Not Be Used As Pawns To Punish Your Ex” Ifu Ennada On Issues Between Do2dtun And Ex Wife
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In light of Do2dtun’s custody dispute with his ex-wife and family, Ifu Ennada appeals for assistance for the OAP.

In a thought-provoking stance on parental disputes, Ifu Ennada, former Big Brother Naija housemate and entrepreneur, firmly states that children should never be exploited as mere pawns to exact vengeance or punish an ex-spouse.

Ifu Ennada’s commentary comes amidst the ongoing public feud between popular radio presenter Do2dtun and his ex-wife, sparking a fervent debate on social media regarding the well-being and emotional security of children caught in the midst of bitter separations.

With a firm belief in prioritizing the welfare of innocent children, Ennada sheds light on the damaging consequences of using kids as pawns and advocates for a more compassionate approach in resolving parental conflicts.

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Over the weekend, the media personality slammed D’banj’s younger sister in a series of post on his Instagram page for refusing him access to his daughters.

In a plea for support, Ifu suggested that netizens should start this trend now and not wait till things become really bad.

She stated that Dotun has every right to see his children and that there is a court ruling in favor of this.

The reality star remarked how poorly they had treated him and calls for support from Netizens.

She dragged his in-laws for supporting their daughter’s behavior by raising the issue of their spirituality.

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Ifu went on to say that, regardless of the reason for the break-up, children should not be used as pawns to punish an ex, especially one who genuinely wants to remain in their life.

She wrote on her Instagram story:

Justice For Dotun.
Let’s not wait until things get very ugly before we trend. JusticeForDotun.
That man has a right to see his children – there is even a court order in support of this. His situation is heartbreaking, and every receipt he’s dropped online shows how badly these people are treating him.

Is Nigeria now a jungle where people flout court orders?
Nobody is bigger than the law. Give that man access to his kids FFS!

read that his wife and in-laws are Christians.
What type of Christian behaves like a Tyrant?
Is this how Christ commanded us to carry ourselves as Christians?
Is it the same God we serve?
You can’t be a Christian and glorify Satan with your actions.
You can’t be a Christian only when it’s convenient for your ego.

“No matter the cause of the break-up, children should not be used as pawns in a bid to punish your Ex, especially one that really wants to be in their lives.
Justice For Dotun”.

“Children Should Not Be Used As Pawns To Punish Your Ex” Ifu Ennada On Issues Between Do2dtun And Ex Wife

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