Cardi B requests trial version of album cover to be…
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American rapper Cardi B has filed for a stay in her ‘Gangsta Bitch’ cover art lawsuit, for which she was charged almost four years ago.

Cardi B’s debut mixtape “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1” sees her sit back and enjoy a beer while a man with an intricate back tattoo places his head between her legs.

Cardi B requests trial version of album cover to be…

Kevin Brophy claimed in his lawsuit against Cardi that he is the one in the photo, but that he never posed for it or gave permission for his image to be used. He is claiming at least $5 million in damages, claiming the photo ruined his life.

Cardi B has filed a new appeal in a US court asking for the trial to be postponed because she just gave birth to her son on September 4.

According to TMZ, the rapper believes she shouldn’t be required to fly from the East Coast to Southern California next month, as she has to be with her newborn for obvious reasons.

She asked for a 75-day trial extension, citing COVID-19 concerns related to travel and long periods of time in public locations such as airports, hotels and the courthouse.

The request has yet to be decided by the investigating judge.

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