BBNaija 2021: Why Cross thinks Jackie B is a…
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BBNaijas crotch is amazed at Jackie B‘s accurate prediction of the housemates who have left the house so far, saying that if her last one comes out over the top 5, he’ll believe she’s a witch.

On Sunday, JayPaul and Jackie B were evicted after getting the fewest votes. Speaking later on their departure, Cross confided to him: Saskay, telling how Jackie B predicted it.

“She told me there were three people going,” Cross said. “And the three people, the first and the second went. The third person, I don’t know why they didn’t call the third.


“They’ve stopped. But there was one more person. She called. Last week she called the people who were going. This week she called again.’

Saskay then asked, “Who was the last person?”

“The last person in this? Saga,” Cross replied. “And she named the top five. And I really can’t wait. If so, I swear to you, she’s a witch. Because she named the top five.

Jackie BJackie B

“Last week she called the four people who were going to go. They went. This week she called the top three, two left. And she called the top five.”

Watch the video below:

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