BBNaija 2021: 'Stop being nice to me' — Nini To Saga
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BBNaija’s roommate Nini may have had enough of Saga’s affection for her because she told her not to be nice to her anymore.
Saga had betrayed Biggie with Nini and had her participate in the task he was given to start a fight with Nini by not talking to her until her next Diary session.
After the reveal, you’d expect Nini to like Saga more, but it seems she did the opposite as Nini wasn’t in the mood to warm him up after her argument with Cross earlier.

“Stop being nice to me,” she told Saga. “I know you’re trying to reconcile. He knows I’m closest to you and you probably won’t make it.’

She continued talking and asked him, “I’m the person closest to you, how do you plan to do that? If it had even been 24 hours, you would have cried.”
Now that the secret task has been revealed to Nini, no one can guess what Biggie’s reaction would be. In fairness to Saga, he had been honest about the task that was difficult for him, but many fans would be disappointed in the way he told Nini everything.


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