BBNaija 2021: how Nini will disappear 24 hours a day...
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There seems to be no end to the twists and turns of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season, as Big Brother has commanded What with the disappearance of the house for twenty-four hours.

She must prank the housemates by leaving the house through a secret emergency lounge in the game lounge and must not reveal this to anyone.

Even when she returns after twenty-four hours, she has to feign ignorance when questions are asked by other housemates.

Big Brother said, “There’s a little reward for you to play a joke on the house. Think of it as a secret mission from Big Brother. Upstairs, in the game’s lounge, is a secret emergency exit.

Tonight, while all the housemates are asleep, you must use this secret exit to leave the house. You stay out of the house for twenty-four hours before returning. Nini, this is a top secret mission.

“This means you can’t tell anyone in the house. Do you understand? When questions are asked, you must feign ignorance.’

Big Brother has also instructed her to carry some items she considers important and make sure no one sees her leave through the emergency exit.

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