BBNaija 2021: How Angel Cross With Breakf...
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After repeatedly ignoring him, Angel suddenly decided to make breakfast for crotch on Monday morning, leaving him dazed.

BBNaija’s roommates have become very close lately and shared a passionate kiss at the Saturday night party. It wasn’t long after Angel started giving him the silent treatment, and even after he apologized to his knees, Cross couldn’t get her to talk to him.

On Monday morning, while Cross was still in bed, Angel came up to him, breakfast in hand, called him by name and offered him a plate of noodles.

Surprised, Cross could stare in surprise because he probably thought it was some kind of joke. Angel had to ask him if he was going to eat before he grabbed himself and took the food from her.

“Did you poke him?” was all Cross could ask, still in shock when Angel deliberately ignored his question and quietly walked away.

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