BBNaija 2021: Highlights for Wednesday September…
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Welcome to the daily dose of key moments from the ongoing BBNaija Season 6 show. It’s all about Nini’s disappearance and we have all the responses.

Check out the highlights below:

The moment Nini ‘disappears’ from the house

It is important to look at the genesis of Nini’s disappearance that influenced Saga. The moment she leaves her room is captured in video footage.

Big Brother ordered Nini to leave the house for 24 hours in her diary session on Tuesday. This was after she burst into tears and complained that she was exhausted.

Watch the moment she leaves unseen here.

Saga refuses to participate in exercises after Nini .’s departure

Saga has been going through emotional trauma since his Nini’s love disappeared Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, Saga joined his housemates when it was time for the morning exercises, but unlike before, he didn’t join in.

While the others performed the exercise routines, Saga stood transfixed, oblivious to what was happening around him. It is anyone’s guess what was going through his head at that moment.

watch the video here.

The ‘detectives’ in the house analyze Nini’s connection to Saga after her disappearance

After Nini’s disappearance from BBNaija’s house on Tuesday night, Cross and Pere got together to talk about the mystery and deep connection she has with Saga.

Noticing Saga’s disturbed state, Cross and Pere moved aside, concluding that the bond between him and Nini was something more than sexual.

watch the video here.

Saga wonders what he would do with his life after Nini .’s disappearance

Saga questioned the usefulness of his life without Nini after she disappeared from the house on Tuesday night.

Nini performed her job of Biggie to perfection, using an exit behind a mirror to exit the house and when Saga learned of her disappearance, he alerted the others and began a search for her.

Clearly burdened by the unexpected development, Saga knocked on the door of the diary room and when he got no answer, he sat down and began asking Piggy for answers to put him out of his misery.

Watch the video images here.

Touching moment Saga burst into tears after Nini disappeared

Saga was not himself after his love interest Nini disappeared and he was seen crying while waiting for his beloved her to reappear.

Nini had been blue during her journaling session on Tuesday and had complained about various problems to Piggy. Her mood had improved when she was ordered to disappear for 24 hours.

After leaving through a secret exit, Saga and the others set out in search of Nini. After it proved fruitless, he sat outside on Wednesday morning as the rain erupted in torrents, drowning in his grief.

watch him cry here.

Saga challenges Big Brother over Nini .’s disappearance

Saga demanded that Piggy open the diary room so he could search for his love interest Nini. The first search proved fruitless.

Looking very frustrated and unhappy, he saw him knocking in front of the diary room and demanded that Piggy open the door in case Nini got trapped inside.

“Honestly, I’m not kidding this time, Piggy should open this door. I need to make sure Nini isn’t in there,’ he said. read more here.

Big Brother Takes Nini’s Disappearance Prank To Another Level

Big Brother provided great content to fans of the Shine Ya Eye edition when he stepped up his game on Wednesday while fooling the roommates by calling Nini for her diary room session.

The atmosphere has been tense since Nini’s disappearance, with Saga crying and aloof to ponder the mystery of her unexpected ‘exit’.

Things took an unexpected turn when Piggy’s deep voice broke the afternoon silence by calling Nini for her journaling session.

watch the video here to see how the housemates reacted to it.

Dazed roommates try to unravel the mystery behind Nini’s disappearance

After Biggie called the “missing” Nini for her journaling session, the other housemates had a meeting and tried to unravel the mystery behind it all.

Sitting by the door of the diary room, all the housemates racked their heads trying to guess Nini’s whereabouts, with the prominence that she might be in the diary room.

However, Pere questioned the logic behind Nini having been in the diary room for a long time and Liquorose told him it was possible while reminding him of the coolness of the place.

Watch the confusion in the video here.

Cross hurls insults at Pere amid theories about Nini .’s disappearance

Amid the confusion caused by Nini’s disappearance, Cross threw harsh words at Pere after the latter said he (Cross) was a suspect in the case.

As they pondered the mystery behind Nini’s unexpected “exit,” the housemates revealed how the matter had negatively affected them, with Cross saying he saw her in a dream overnight.

After Cross revealed the dream, Pere made a comment that resulted in an insult to Cross. watch the video here to know more.

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