Bbnaija 2021: highlights for wednesday september…
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It’s the daily dose of the highlights of the ongoing BBNaija Shine Ya Eye edition and a big fight between two housemates is central today.

There was a big altercation between Nini and Cross, plus other juicy stuff. Watch the key moments below:

Nini Brands Crosses ‘Stupid’ After Epic Clash

The clash between roommates Nini and Cross in the early hours of the leftist Nini called him a “dumb fool” and added that he should avoid her in the house.

An incident in the bathroom led to the two reality stars exchanging words and in the aftermath, Nini became enraged as she recalled how it had all happened.

With the ever-present Saga by her side, Nini made it clear that Cross should avoid her during their stay in the house. See her full statement here.

How the fight between Nini and Cross started

The fight between Nini and Cross started after morning practice and the head of the house, HOH, Whitemoney, asked all the housemates to clean the house.

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Nini was ordered to wash the bathroom just before Piggy announced that there was no hot water available, so most of the roommates rushed to bathe.

However, Cross wanted Nini to clean the toilet and bathroom after everyone took their bath to keep the place clean all day. See what happened and the harsh words exchanged in the video clips here.

Saga betrays big brother, does the unthinkable

Saga surpassed Biggie herself by revealing to Nini the secret task given to him regarding her.

On Tuesday, Saga was told to ignore Nini, giving the impression of starting a fight. He’d laughed at the time and told Biggy how hard it was going to be, but he said he’d do his best.

After Nini’s big fight with Cross on Wednesday morning, Saga, seemingly forgetting about his job with Biggie, threw caution to the wind and let the cat out of the bag.

Cross bursts into tears after the fight with Nini

The fight between Cross and Nini took its toll as he broke down in tears moments later in the garden.

Nini threw all kinds of insulting words at him and after the episode, he went to the yard to cry while Angel came to comfort him.

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Nini warns Saga about being nice to her

Nini may get tired of Saga’s affection for her because she told him not to be nice to her anymore.

Saga had snapped up Biggie with Nini and given her the job he’d been given to argue with her by not talking to her until the next journaling session.

After the reveal, you’d expect it to make Saga all the more endearing to Nini, but it seems it did the exact opposite, as Nini wasn’t in the mood to warm him up after her fight with Cross earlier.

read more here to know what she said to him.

How did Cross know he had dyslexia?

After his collision with Nini, Cross confided in Angel how he found out he has dyslexia.

Angel went to comfort him and he revealed that he struggled with dyslexia from childhood. Speaking to her, he said: “I’m 31 years old. For most of my life, I’ve always tried as much as possible to make it academically because I’m not very good at that.”

Angel confronts Emmanuel on his ‘fight’ with Liquorose

Biggie’s secret job for Liquorose is to get the desired result, leading Angel to ask Emmanuel what he did to upset his love interest.

Angel saw the unusual development and confronted Emmanuel with the question of what he was doing to upset Liquorose. She wondered aloud if he had kissed another girl and promised to disturb him until he told the truth.

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Queen talks about sexual satisfaction of her ideal man

Queen has opened up to the qualities she looks for in a man, citing the importance of someone who can satisfy her in bed as a top priority.

During a conversation with Whitemoney on Wednesday afternoon, Queen stated that she wants a relationship with a power couple, much like the one between Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Raising the issue of sex, Whitemoney asked her if she would choose someone who couldn’t satisfy her in bed, but who had all the other qualities she wanted. Watch her reaction in the video here.

Whitemoney tries to settle Nini & Cross after their fight

Whitemoney sued for peace between feuding BBNaija housemates Nini and Cross after their clash earlier on Wednesday.

After the fight, Cross had gone to Nini and offered her sincere apologies. She’d been silent the whole time, and he’d just walked away when he was done.

Later that day, the current head of the house, Whitemoney, called the two and asked Nini to forgive Cross, as he sincerely regretted what he did that caused her to explode.

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