BBNaija 2021: Highlights for Friday September 3rd...
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Welcome to the daily dose of highlights from the ongoing BBNaija season 6 reality show. As boring as every day may seem, we still have juicy news for the readers.

Watch the key moments below:

Why Cross deliberately loses the fight for Saskay to JayPaul

Cross has hinted that he might step aside and give JayPaul Saskay because he (JayPaul) is a nice guy.

Speaking to Yousef and Jackie B on Friday morning, Cross spoke about the love triangle between him, Saskay and JayPaul, stating that he would not argue or challenge JayPaul.

watch the video here.

Why Nini is no longer friends with Boma

Nini has said she is no longer friends with Boma because he is political.

In her journaling session on Friday, Nini told Big Brother that she cannot trust Boma because he politicizes everything, including friendships.

read more here.

Cross confronts Boma about his fight with Angel

Cross had harsh words against Boma after the latter’s epic fight with roommate Angel Thursday night.

Cross, who spoke to Boma after the fight, chided him for behaving like that and provoking Angel. He told Boma that he could have acted at his age by handling the situation better.

Get the full essence here.

Nini threatens Saga over behavior bordering on sexual assault

Nini warned roommate Saga when he held her in his arms on Friday, saying it could get him in trouble.

On Friday afternoon, as both realities chatted, Saga moved close to Nini and wrapped his arms around her.

Watch her response and the resulting threat here.

How Cross Imprisoned Angel Communicate with the Dead

Cross has revealed how he caught Angel writing a letter to her late boyfriend.

Peace in the house was disrupted last night when Angel and Boma got into an argument over the latter, accusing her of being a “kiss and tell” person.

That same evening, Cross engaged Boma and Tega in a private conversation in which he revealed the astonishing discovery and questioned the abnormality of writing to someone who was dead. Watch the video clip here.

Yousef entertains roommates by stripping and dancing

Yousef gave his roommates a striptease on Friday afternoon and it turned out to be a memorable and hilarious moment.

To spice up the house, the housemates started a game in which the usually calm and gentle Yousef was asked to undress for thirty seconds.

Check out the hilarious video here.

Nini blasts Pere, says he’s ‘annoying’

Nini took a swipe at fellow BBNaija roommate Pere in her diary room session on Friday, calling him “annoying.”

While complaining about his comments about Nigeria and Nigerians during his feud with Cross earlier, Nini revealed how Pere bragged to her about how much he had in his bank account.

watch the video here.

How Words Ruined Angel’s Relationships

In her journaling session on Friday, BBNaija’s Angel revealed that the choice of words has ruined her relationships on the reality show.

Angel recounted the details of her epic fight with Boma the previous day and told Biggie how Boma had pissed her off by referring to her young age, saying that if he was that age-conscious, he shouldn’t have been on the show.

Angel then revealed how words have ruined her relationships in the house. read more here.

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