BBNaija 2021: Highlights for Friday September 17...
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Welcome to the daily dose of the most important moments of the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye edition. It’s hard to get over last night’s dinner date, but today is another day.

Check out the highlights below:

Angel advises Pere how to respond to Saga’s betrayal

Angel has encouraged fellow roommate Pere to deal with the situation after his friend Saga’s betrayal. This comes after Biggie exposed Saga and Nini for calling Pere meaningless and untrustworthy.

Angel spoke to Pere in the garden and said she understands how painful this must have been for him. She added that it was up to him to “shine” with his eyes.

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Question about Emmanuel & Liquorose finally having sex

Lovebirds Emmanuel and Liquorose have finally spoken out about the rumors that they are having sex in the house.

The two roommates had a great time in the Executive Lounge on Thursday night, while Biggie made sure their dinner date was an unforgettable experience.

While we were talking about condoms in the house, Liquorose revealed that the items were shared with every pillow in the bedrooms except theirs.

watch the video here for the answer to the riddle.

Liquorose Reveals How Long She Can Go Without Sex

Liquorose shared a heart-to-heart conversation with Emmanuel with whom she hinted at what their sex life could be like.

During the chat, Emmanuel asked her how many times she had ever had sex with him in her head and she replied and told how long she could go without sex.

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How Queen Reacted to Her Pet’s Mysterious Death

There has been a second casualty at BBNaija’s home after Queen’s pet fish Green has passed away.

Cross had lost his to the cold hands of death on Thursday and had felt bad about it when he was questioned by Big Brother. He had mourned the dead creature and said they would meet again in heaven.

On Friday morning, Queen noticed that hers was not moving, and when she confirmed it had become lifeless, she lamented the fact that she hadn’t listened when Biggie told her to change the water the previous day.

Watch her reaction here.

Saskay reveals how she almost hit Emmanuel

Saskay has revealed that Emmanuel asked her for a kiss at last Saturday night’s party and how she nearly punched him.

She revealed this during a chat she had with Cross and Angel after Emmanuel and Liquorose were rewarded for the latter’s success in the secret task Biggie had assigned her.

Saskay brought up the matter of Emmanuel demanding a kiss from her when Angel insisted that she feels Emmanuel is a flirt and still doesn’t like Liquorose the way he suggests.

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How The Queen’s Romance With An Uncircumcised Lebanese Didn’t End Well

Queen has revealed how her Lebanese boyfriend burst into tears when he found out she had another man on the side.

Queen made the disclosure to Cross when they were talking on Friday morning, saying she kept her school boyfriend then because the sex she had with the Lebanese man was not satisfying.

She said she had two cell phones at the time and her husband from Lebanon made the shocking discovery after going through the second.

Watch the video clip here.

How would Cross have caused BBNaija organizers to beat him up?

Cross revealed that he had applied separately to participate in the hit reality show before being accepted into the ongoing Shine Ya Eye edition.

With fellow housemates Pere and Yousef paying close attention, Cross stated he was ready to continue applying until it got on the organizers’ nerves if that was what it took to get on the show.

He revealed that he signed up five times before finally getting what he wanted. Pere and Yousef could only marvel at his persistence.

watch the video here.

Pere talks about Saga, calling him an ‘instigator’

Pere didn’t like that Saga called him an instigator recently and has given his own definition of what the word means.

Big Brother had played a video on Thursday of Saga betraying friend Pere to Nini, showing them as he (Saga) decided to reveal his secret task to her.

On Friday afternoon, Pere referred to the moment during a conversation with Cross and Yousef and said that if one of them encountered an actual instigator, they would run away.

watch the video here.

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