7 best places to relax and have fun in lagos
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7 Best Places to Relax and Have Fun in Lagos

Are you looking for a place to relax and have fun in Lagos?  There are many beautiful places to visit in Lagos. This depends on your choice as we have beaches, resorts, clubs, etc.

Since Lasgidi (popularly called by the locals) is known as the center of excellence, it’s true that you will find anything you want to see here.

If you are new to Lagos or a tourist, and you are looking for places to visit, then you have come to the right place as we will show you where to relax and have fun.

Below are some places that I think will help relieve your boredom.

1.      La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana is, as the name suggests, a beautiful seaside town to visit here in Lagos. The environment is very clean and beautiful with many activities to participate in.

2.      Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate

This is one of the best places to visit if you are a golf enthusiast. Here you can simply relax and enjoy a round of golf or relax in one of the accommodations. Lakowe Lakes Golf And Country Estate could be the next perfect place for your family vacation in Lagos.

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3.      Lekki Nature Conservation Center

This is one of the best places to visit as there are not many places like this in Lagos. You would love to be here. Most of the nature reserve doesn’t have a boardwalk, instead uses a canopy, but we’re talking about Lekki Conservatives here.

4.      Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture has several sections that you can choose from such as the bookshop, a small art gallery which is very nice, a restaurant, and also a stage where you can see a live theater play. Isn’t it fascinating? Just search for your favorites like Fela’s Republic or The Kalakuta Queens etc.

5.      Upbeat

If you are a sports lover, this place is for you. Here at Upbeat, they have facilities such as a park with trampolines, a soccer field, a basketball court, and other activities. They also have programs for team-building sessions.

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6.      Nike Art Gallery

This art gallery is a three-story building and it attracts many visitors. It’s full of artwork from different parts of the country for sale if you’re interested.

7.      Jazz hole

Jazzhole is a bookstore in Ikoyi, Lagos. If you are a bookworm, this place is for you. Here you have many books to read, concerts that take place from time to time and coffee. If you are interested in these three things then Jazzhole is for you.

Conclusion – Best Places to Relax and Have Fun in Lagos

Most of these places mentioned above are not expensive as many think. So once in a while, you can visit one of these places and have non-stop fun.