3 causes of watery sperm and the remedies
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Three (3) Causes of Watery Sperm and The Remedies

A healthy man has the ability to produce sperm from its testicles, also known as balls according to common slang used by people. A sperm, is a type of body fluid that is released from the private male body when the time of ejaculating comes during intimacy. Normally, sperm is intended as a thick and whitish liquid, but some health conditions can change the color of your sperm. Unfortunately, a cum or aqueous sperm could be a possible sign of low sperm count and problems of infertility, which is one of the worst fears of a man or a few who wishes to have a child or children. For the application of this article we will see some reasons of watery sperm in men.

What are the causes of watery sperm or semen?

1. Low sperm count: The number of low sperm is one of the most common causes of aqueous sperm in men. The medical term for this is oligospermy. Have a low sperm count means that you have lower sperm amounts than normal. Unfortunately, it means having a low sperm count that it is possible that I cannot get pregnant with every woman. But he still has a chance to float a woman even with a low sperm count. Therefore, an aqueous sperm can be an indication of a layer of sperm. Some causes of a low number of sperm include:

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i) Infection, especially those who are contagious during intimacy.

ii) Tumors, such as malignant and benign tumors in the testicles, can also cause a low sperm count.

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2. Too much ejaculation: If you are from the man who likes to masturbate or intimacy has several times a day with her partner, her sperm can become thinner and watery. That is why it must reduce its intimate activities and the testicles can allow some time to produce a normal and healthy sperm.

3. Pre-ejaculation: pre-ejaculation occurs when a man releases cum during the previous game, before real intimacy. This sperm is usually clear and watery and does not indicate any serious health problem.

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Remedies for treatment

a. Antibiotics: If the infection is diagnosed with its aqueous sperm, you must take antibiotics prescribed by a qualified physician for treatment.

b. Remember intimacy for a while: abstention of intimacy for a time can help change the consistency of your sperm.

c. Avoid an unhealthy lifestyle: you must avoid an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking, etc., and more exercise, healthy eating and trying to lose weight.


A sperm, is a type of body fluid that is released from the private male body when the time of ejaculating comes during sex.